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For Our Current and Prospective Students
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Letter to Employer

Did you know that many companies have reimbursement programs to supports employees' continuing education and professional development? Did you know that employees who are eager to improve their skills get promoted more often?  Do not be shy. Ask your manager or HR for help with your training expenses. When you receive professional training, you become a stronger contributor to your employer! We put together this sample letter to your manager to help you get started. 

Accounting and Finance Terms

There are many accounting and finance terms that accounting professionals must know in order to record, measure, and communicate the accounting information.

You can download the free Accounting and Finance Terminology Guide here.

Financial Accounting Textbook

Financial Accounting

18th Edition

By Jan Williams and Mark Bettner and Joseph Carcello

Publisher: McGraw Hill

Sample Chart of Accounts

Unsure whether an account is an Asset, Liability, or Owners' Equity account? Check this Sample Chart of Accounts to find out.

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